Outfit of the Day: What a Photographer Wears

*Click Click*

Happy Saturday guys! Today I did an 8AM photoshoot with this really cool Massage Therapist (of course I will have pictures later) and I wanted to share with you all what I normally wear when I do photoshoots with clients.

I typically sport my running gear when I do shoots. I prefer running gear versus jeans because jeans can be physically restricting for me at time. For me this works because high quality athletic gear is durable, made for to move in, breathable for your skin, AND stylish. My favorite brands to wear are Adidas and Puma. Out of both brands I find that Adidas is a smidge better for movement and (for the most part) isn’t as expensive as Puma.

I really like this jacket because when I run I can cover my hands in the sleeves. I really like the fact they have a cut out for the thumb.



For you photographers out there, what do you wear when you normally shoot? I’d love to know.

Also, my dog will go into my bags and hunt out my EOS lip balm… do you guys know what I can do to stop this? I punish him every time, but he does not care when it comes to my lip balm!


Happy Saturday!


7 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day: What a Photographer Wears

  1. I wear my yoga jeans for that same reason, they are soft and stretchy! Your dog eats lip balm huh? It probably smells really good. I will think about this issue but I’m thinking that I would stop putting my bag on the ground…..that probably wasn’t much help.

  2. I’m so sorry I’ve been living in a cave for so long and had not checked out your photography blog until now…this is awesome! As for your doggy dilemma…I can see why Jax loves your lip balm. It looks like a delightful toy! 😉 I wonder if part of the reason why Jax does this over and over again is because it’s routine for him. “Mommy comes home from a shoot, I attack her bag for the red ball thingy, and Mommy responds to it”. Taylor has similiar episodes regarding routines. Maybe redirecting Jax from your bag with playtime or a treat-filled toy every time you come home from a shoot might steer him away from your bag over time. Or placing your bag in a spot where Jax can not reach it might help as well.

    • LOLOL… I actually don’t promote this blog a lot because it deals more with straight up photography. I post a lot of videos for other photographers that I deem might be helpful.

      Thank you for the advice about Jax… here’s the weird thing… Jax will dig in my bag and with ninja like skill ONLY remove this one item. If there is food or toys he won’t touch it, but when it’s comes to this lip balm it’s like crack cocaine to him. He just can’t help himself. I’m just happy he doesn’t get sick from it. The balm is USDA organic.

      However, your suggestions are much appreciated. I should really work on no placing my bag in his reach. Overall I still love my mangy mutt.

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