The Urban Wedding (Dallas): Just Married (Posing the Couple)

Husband & Wife

The funniest part (for me) about weddings and engagement photography is posing the husband and wife.  Below are some fun inspirations that you may want to incorporate next time you shoot a wedding.

2regg1130 (2)192917333135344146531regg11133013656_166819704137_4130101_n208824_442042562493410_1212611874_n283680_442042629160070_478388416_n459632_334647733262375_1327408044_o477208_311803335546815_1161245100_o (1)521596_337600912967057_1139175040_n557105_442042599160073_182429823_n35747390762689414_KV1LP0gj_caa0709Blog15638105_origcolorado-wedding-photo7302852350_f0e3886540_zdenver-brideDM018-southboundbride-real-vintage-wedding-durban-lad-and-lassenezTrey-blog7IMG_9982-1024x682Maui Wedding Photographer-33ModernlyWed_StudioEllePhotography_ModernOhioWedding_YellowRed_ArtMuseum_26ModernlyWed_StudioEllePhotography_ModernOhioWedding_YellowRed_ArtMuseum_29Palm_Springs_Wedding_Photographer-22Maui Wedding Photographer-26Palm_Springs_Wedding_Photographer-24Palm_Springs_Wedding_Photographer-25


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All photos found all over the web.  These photos aren’t mine… which is why they are “inspirations”


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