8 Different Types of Wedding Photographers

TypesOfWeddingPhotography V1.0


There are many different types of wedding photographers.  You must remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to a  wedding photographer.  Be sure to choose a photographer who:

  • Whose aesthetic that you love!  This is the MOST important thing.  If you don’t like the photographers shooting and editing style then don’t work with them.  Each photographer has a style that represents them.  Don’t expect that photographer to change his or her style for your wedding.  
  • Who has experience:  While there are a lot of up and coming wedding photographers in the game don’t EVER choose price over quality.  No.  I am not saying that an experienced photographer is going to be better than a new one, but what I am saying is to make sure you are aware of the experience of the photographer.  Yes, your novice photographer could be really good a fashion or landscape, but wedding photography is a different realm of crazy.  You will want a person who pays attention to details and who can anticipate the next moves. No.  The photographer will not be able to catch everything that you want… but they should be able to handle some key shoots.  When meeting with a photographer ask to see full sets of weddings they shot… not just the 5-10 photos they have displayed on their website or FB page.
  • Someone You Can Relate Too:  Being able to talk to your photographer like a friend is key.  You both want someone who is open minded and wants to capture YOUR VISION in THEIR STYLE.  You should meet with your photographer over tea or coffee to discuss what you are looking for… prior to booking them to be your wedding photographer schedule an engagement session. This away you to work with the photographer and see what your results could be.

These are just SOME tips that I have for future brides hunting for a photographer. Since wedding season is coming up I will TRY and write a full article on understanding why some photographers charge as much as they do for weddings!

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