Engagement Photo Shoot Castle Hill Graffiti Park Austin, Texas

Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_01 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_02 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_03 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_04 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_05 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_06 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_07 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_08 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_09

I completed this session about two weeks ago in Castle Hill when I went back home to Austin.  Castle Hill is this dope graffiti park that has actually been approved by the City of Austin.  It’s a great place for street artist to come and showcase beautiful art.  I am a LOVER of graffiti art and if you are as well this is a GREAT place to go.

Even though I’m in Dallas I always love a reason to go back home to Austin.  If you are looking for an engagement lifestyle photographer then I’m your girl!

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Email me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com for any inquiries!

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3 thoughts on “Engagement Photo Shoot Castle Hill Graffiti Park Austin, Texas

    • Awww… I’m sorry that you don’t like Graffiti Art… I just LOVE it. If you think these photos are cool I also did a maternity shoot in this same graffiti park! I will be showcasing those photos on Saturday! Be sure to check them out!

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