Help Choosing a Wedding Dress from Simply Bridal

Simply Bridal Wedding Dresses

In the event that you aren’t following me here, here, or here then you aren’t aware that I was given the opportunity by to do a photo shoot with one of their MANY beautiful dresses! The team gave me such a HUGE selection to choose from it was MIND BLOWING. In order to help me whittle the list down I had to enlist the readers of the blog for help!

To vote all you need to do is leave 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the comment section below. I will take a poll next Wednesday to determine the winner so enlist your friends to vote and stay tuned!

The winner for week two is…


Marianne, Dress Three!

Marianne Simply Bridal Wedding Dress

You guys LOVED the vintage style and the subtly sexy cut in the back!

Be sure to check out SimplyBridal for all your wedding needs. When your shopping cart is full use the discount code of SBL103FW to receive 15% off your order! The code is only good until 03/31/2013! Be sure to utilize it right away!

Please comment below with the dress number that you would like me to shoot!


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