Modern Maternity Shoot at Castle Hill Graffiti Park, Austin, Texas


Let’s face it. We all get tired of seeing those oh-so-cute maternity photos of the mommy-to-be in a field of flowers, dry dead grass, or just hanging out by a tree. Like seriously… what mom-to-be is just going to be sitting in a field of dried up dirt and grass?

 Then again I am from Austin so anything is possible.

I’m not saying the photos are bad… I’m just saying that are (for lack of a better word) typical.

I like to see the traditional shoot pushed to a modern level.

My friend from high school asked me to capture her maternity shoot. She wanted something edgy, urban, and most importantly… her. Since I’m based out of Dallas she suggested Castle Hill Graffiti Park.

It was love at first sight.

 Shooting in urban settings is my thing… Graffiti art is my first love. This shoot was meant to be.

My girl has a very unique sense of style and outlook on life so the photos came out fun, carefree, and colorful… just like her.

Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_02 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_09 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_01 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_06 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_03 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_04 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_05 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_12 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_11 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_13 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_10 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_08 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_14

I hope you guys enjoy scrolling through the photos as much as I loved taking them.

If you are looking for a modern urban photographer then please contact me at

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Click HERE to see the engagement shoot I shot at Castle Hill that same weekend!



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