Bluebonnet Mini Session Dallas, Michelle

Bluebonnet Mini Sessions

This was the first year I did bluebonnet mini sessions and I have to say I had a WORLD of fun.  The thing that makes family photography the work is when the parents just let loose and have fun with their children.  To many times are parents trying to be controlling to get A GOOD SHOT.  Listen parents… when it comes to kids all they want to do is have fun. If you just let them roll organically you might just get a better shot than you anticipated!

If you are looking for a modern and fun family photographer please contact me at for more information!

Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 02 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 03 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 04 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 05 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 06 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 07 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 08 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 09 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 10 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 11 Dallas Bluebonnet Mini Session 12


Happy Mother’s Day Y’all!!!

Alice in Wonderland Mini Session


Modern Maternity Shoot at Castle Hill Graffiti Park, Austin, Texas


Let’s face it. We all get tired of seeing those oh-so-cute maternity photos of the mommy-to-be in a field of flowers, dry dead grass, or just hanging out by a tree. Like seriously… what mom-to-be is just going to be sitting in a field of dried up dirt and grass?

 Then again I am from Austin so anything is possible.

I’m not saying the photos are bad… I’m just saying that are (for lack of a better word) typical.

I like to see the traditional shoot pushed to a modern level.

My friend from high school asked me to capture her maternity shoot. She wanted something edgy, urban, and most importantly… her. Since I’m based out of Dallas she suggested Castle Hill Graffiti Park.

It was love at first sight.

 Shooting in urban settings is my thing… Graffiti art is my first love. This shoot was meant to be.

My girl has a very unique sense of style and outlook on life so the photos came out fun, carefree, and colorful… just like her.

Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_02 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_09 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_01 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_06 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_03 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_04 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_05 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_12 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_11 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_13 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_10 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_08 Castle_Hill_Maternity_Photoshoot_14

I hope you guys enjoy scrolling through the photos as much as I loved taking them.

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Click HERE to see the engagement shoot I shot at Castle Hill that same weekend!


Spring Mini Session Austin, Texas THIS WEEKEND

ATX Spring Mini 01


An Incredible Photographer holding an incredible deal!

I am hosting Mini Sessions on March 2nd & 3rd in Austin, Texas!

 The Saturday & Sunday locations will each be different so please contact me for inquiries about the locations.

The Minis are 30 minutes for $60 and include 15 of your best photos on a high res CD!  This is an INCREDIBLE deal!

Saturday time slots are 8:30AM-10:30 AM & 3PM-5PM

Sunday time slots are 8:30 AM-10:30 AM

I am taking on a LIMITED NUMBER OF CLIENTS for each session so please contact me ASAP for reserve your spot!!!

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Have a Great Day!

Pop! Up Glam Party Dallas

The Pop! Up Glam Squad

Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas

Be the Talk of the Town in your elite circle! Gather your closest friends together for a night of four C’s—Cosmetics, Champagne, Conversation and Camera Clicks! You bring the girls, we bring the glam! Basic package includes professional makeup artists, wine, and champagne cocktails, and a photographer.

Rest assured that each person on you Glam team is licensed and great at what they do!

We will also provide wine or champagne and a photographer for each event! Each of these options are optional!

With the choice of 3 separate Glam Packs and an ala carte menu you’ll have everything you need to kick off your ladies night out, birthday celebration, wedding day, or even wind down from a crazy weekend!

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More Pictures!

Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas