Dallas Bridal Photographer

Dallas Bridal Wedding Photographer

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Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography Dallas Bridal Photography


Best Wedding Dresses 2013

And the Saga Continues!


As promised this will be the final round of voting! Here are the top three winning wedding dresses from previous weeks PLUS my personal wildcard pick. That wildcard pick is dress one!

Why is this important?

Simply Bridal is allowing me the opportunity to shoot one of the following four wedding dresses! I just need everyone’s opinion on which dress they they I should shoot! Just leave a comment below of 1, 2, 3 or 4!

I was also given a discount code of 15% for all bridal needs good until 03/31/2012! Just go to www.simplybridal.com and enter in SBL103FW.

Everyday this week I will showcase each one of the dresses individually so you can see the detail of their beauty!

Winner will be announced 03/31/2013!

Monique Simply Bridal


Marianne Simply Bridal


Lina Simply Bridal


Eliana Simply Bridal


(pssstt… if you click on the images it will take you to see more photos of this dress!)

Which dress is your favorite?!

Wedding Dresses are AMAZING!!!!

Winner!!! Winner!!!  Chicken Dinner!

The Wedding Dress winner for week three is….


Dress ONE!

Lina Simply Bridal

Lina blew the rest of the competition away with 40% of the votes!  Tomorrow I will be showcasing the three dress winners of the previous weeks PLUS a wildcard pick chosen by yours truly to win the covenant prize of being captured for a future photo shoot.

 Remember you can still obtain 15% off all wedding goods at www.SimplyBridal.com with the code: SBL103FW


Happy Saturday Y’all!

Help Choosing a Wedding Dress from Simply Bridal

Simply Bridal Wedding Dresses

In the event that you aren’t following me here, here, or here then you aren’t aware that I was given the opportunity by SimplyBridal.com to do a photo shoot with one of their MANY beautiful dresses! The team gave me such a HUGE selection to choose from it was MIND BLOWING. In order to help me whittle the list down I had to enlist the readers of the blog for help!

To vote all you need to do is leave 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the comment section below. I will take a poll next Wednesday to determine the winner so enlist your friends to vote and stay tuned!

The winner for week two is…


Marianne, Dress Three!

Marianne Simply Bridal Wedding Dress

You guys LOVED the vintage style and the subtly sexy cut in the back!

Be sure to check out SimplyBridal for all your wedding needs. When your shopping cart is full use the discount code of SBL103FW to receive 15% off your order! The code is only good until 03/31/2013! Be sure to utilize it right away!

Please comment below with the dress number that you would like me to shoot!

Engagement Photo Shoot Castle Hill Graffiti Park Austin, Texas

Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_01 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_02 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_03 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_04 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_05 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_06 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_07 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_08 Castle_Hill_Engagement_Shoot_09

I completed this session about two weeks ago in Castle Hill when I went back home to Austin.  Castle Hill is this dope graffiti park that has actually been approved by the City of Austin.  It’s a great place for street artist to come and showcase beautiful art.  I am a LOVER of graffiti art and if you are as well this is a GREAT place to go.

Even though I’m in Dallas I always love a reason to go back home to Austin.  If you are looking for an engagement lifestyle photographer then I’m your girl!

To see more of my work please visit and LIKE my Facebook page!

Email me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com for any inquiries!

Remember future brides I have a discount code at SimplyBridal.com until March 31, 2013.  Just type in the code SBL103FW at check out!

8 Different Types of Wedding Photographers

TypesOfWeddingPhotography V1.0


There are many different types of wedding photographers.  You must remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to a  wedding photographer.  Be sure to choose a photographer who:

  • Whose aesthetic that you love!  This is the MOST important thing.  If you don’t like the photographers shooting and editing style then don’t work with them.  Each photographer has a style that represents them.  Don’t expect that photographer to change his or her style for your wedding.  
  • Who has experience:  While there are a lot of up and coming wedding photographers in the game don’t EVER choose price over quality.  No.  I am not saying that an experienced photographer is going to be better than a new one, but what I am saying is to make sure you are aware of the experience of the photographer.  Yes, your novice photographer could be really good a fashion or landscape, but wedding photography is a different realm of crazy.  You will want a person who pays attention to details and who can anticipate the next moves. No.  The photographer will not be able to catch everything that you want… but they should be able to handle some key shoots.  When meeting with a photographer ask to see full sets of weddings they shot… not just the 5-10 photos they have displayed on their website or FB page.
  • Someone You Can Relate Too:  Being able to talk to your photographer like a friend is key.  You both want someone who is open minded and wants to capture YOUR VISION in THEIR STYLE.  You should meet with your photographer over tea or coffee to discuss what you are looking for… prior to booking them to be your wedding photographer schedule an engagement session. This away you to work with the photographer and see what your results could be.

These are just SOME tips that I have for future brides hunting for a photographer. Since wedding season is coming up I will TRY and write a full article on understanding why some photographers charge as much as they do for weddings!

If you like to book me for your wedding please check out my FACEBOOK PAGE if you’re in the Dallas/Austin area.  Don’t be scared to LIKE it.


I have a 15% discount from SimplyBridal.com that is available until March 31, 2013!  Code: SBL103FW

Discount Code for Wedding Dresses!


Simple Bridal

Hey guys! Just like last week I need to know know which dress you guys like. All the dresses above are from Simply Bridal.

 Why Simply Bridal?


 Experienced seamstresses, dedicated to their work, make each and every wedding dress we sell.

Each dress is carefully inspected before it leaves our workshop.


Every wedding dress you see on the Simply Bridal product pages has been sewn by our seamstresses and photographed in our studio. We never use stock photos to represent our products.

 Our site contains no hidden fees. You’ll know exactly what your dress will cost.

 We are upfront about when your dress will be delivered.

 You can return your dress, at no cost to you, within 30 days of receipt.


 No middlemen means that we pass extra savings to our brides

Winner from last week was Dress Two!!!

Simply Bridal Eliana

Remember that Simply Bridal hooked my readers up with a 15% discount to use online! Please be sure to use the code SBL103FW at checkout!


Comment down below with the dress number you like the most! Results next week!

Pop! Up Glam Party Dallas

The Pop! Up Glam Squad

Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas

Be the Talk of the Town in your elite circle! Gather your closest friends together for a night of four C’s—Cosmetics, Champagne, Conversation and Camera Clicks! You bring the girls, we bring the glam! Basic package includes professional makeup artists, wine, and champagne cocktails, and a photographer.

Rest assured that each person on you Glam team is licensed and great at what they do!

We will also provide wine or champagne and a photographer for each event! Each of these options are optional!

With the choice of 3 separate Glam Packs and an ala carte menu you’ll have everything you need to kick off your ladies night out, birthday celebration, wedding day, or even wind down from a crazy weekend!

Check them out and like the team on Facebook! Pop! Up Glam!

More Pictures!

Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas Pop! Up Glam Squad Dallas

The Urban Wedding (Dallas): The Photojournalistic Side of Photographing a Wedding

Candid Photos

This is the fun part of the wedding for me!  Shooting the wedding in all the candid glory!  Below are  some of my favorite wedding candid photos shots!


I really hope you guys enjoyed this week series of wedding photography.  I hope I was able to inspire at least one person!

Check out a link to all of this weeks subjects!

All photos found all over the web.  These photos aren’t mine… which is why they are “inspirations”